How do I hide a ticket from the general public?

You might not always want all of your tickets to be visible to the general public. Maybe you're running a special pre-sale on your VIP tickets, or maybe you'd like industry insiders to get a special rate. We refer to these as “unlisted” tickets.

Note: You can further control access to tickets by requiring a promotion code to access a ticket (listed or unlisted). For more information on how that works, head here.

Start by navigating to the Tickets page from the Event Menu. 

Click the 'Manage' button to the right of the ticket you’d like to hide and select 'Change to Unlisted' from the pop-up menu.

The visibility indicator will switch from 'Listed' to 'Unlisted' and that product will no longer appear on your public event page. Easy!

Note that you will still be able to access these tickets from the  Point of Sale system and from Pulled Tickets to pull them for special guests, VIPs, etc.

If you want certain customers to be able to place orders for this ticket themselves, you'll need to provide them with a direct link to the unlisted ticket. To do this, click 'Manage' again and then select 'Add-to-Cart Link' from the pop-up menu.

You should see a pop-up appear with a URL; this is a direct link that customers can use to access that unlisted ticket type. That link will be the same for everyone, however, so it's important that you send it only to the people you'd like to have access to that ticket. 

If you want to make an unlisted ticket visible to the public again, just hit 'Manage' again and select 'Change to Listed'. 

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