How do I sell tickets using the web Box Office through my dashboard?

Note: We’ve released a new Bold Type Tickets Box Office app for iOS 9+ that combines a full-fledged Point of Sale system with the ability to scan tickets at the door. For information on selling tickets with the Box Office app, click here.

If you’re looking to sell tickets in person, our Point of Sale web app is a great cross-platform solution. 

Note: If you’ve never used our web POS system before, we’ll need to do a tiny bit of behind-the-scenes work to enable it for your organization. Shoot us an email at and we'll get you set up!

Once you're set up, the POS can be accessed from any page in your Dashboard using the 'Box Office' link at the top of the screen. 

POS Basics

Once you're in the POS, you'll see a list of your organization’s current and upcoming events.

Click the event you'd like to sell ticket for to display a list of all of that event's ticket types, along with their prices and available inventory.

To sell a ticket to a customer, first select the desired product, then use the number pad to enter a quantity. Click "Add" to add the item(s) to the cart. If the customer wants to purchase multiple products in one transaction, repeat the process as necessary.

Note: There's a $0.50 service fee on each ticket sold through the POS, and a 3.2% processing fee that is only applied to credit/debit card transactions. If you'd like to "hide" that $0.50 fee within the ticket price, just let us know!

When you've added the desired products and quantities, click Checkout. You'll be presented with the choice of Credit or Cash.

For credit transactions, you'll be required to enter the cardholder name, card number, expiration date, and CVV. If you have access to a USB credit card reader (e.g. a  MagTek SureSwipe), you can capture credit card information that way rather than entering it manually.

Both cash and credit transactions give you the option of entering an email address to send a receipt to the customer. This stores the customer's email address the same way as it's recorded for an online purchase. If you're using your event's sales report to assemble an email list, sending a receipt will allow you to gather email addresses from customers who buy their tickets in person as well! 

After the transaction is complete, you can print or preview a physical copy of the ticket(s), mark all tickets associated with that order as scanned in using the 'Redeem' button, or jump right in to the next order!

Pro Tip: If you're going to redeem all the tickets you're selling through the POS, you can click the gear icon near the top-right of the screen to enter the Settings menu. 

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