How do I create a promotion or discount code?

Promotions allow you to create special codes that grant purchasers various powers, including (but not limited to) price discounts, early access to sales, and the ability to purchase tickets that are otherwise unavailable to the public.

To create a Promotion for your event's tickets, first find your event in your Dashboard and click the 'Promo Codes' page found in the Event Menu.

Click the "New Promotion' button to open the promotion editor.

Promotion Options

You have many options when creating a Promotion Code. Let's go through the fields in the Promo Code editor one-by-one.

Status: Set this to "Live" to make your promotion active. Any settings that limit a promotion's valid dates will still be honored. Offline promotions cannot be used, regardless of other settings.

Name: This will be displayed to the customer when the promotion is applied and on their receipt. It can also be used to identify the promotion on your dashboard.

Codes: This is the code customer's will enter to redeem the promotion. Enter your own (one per line), or click "Generate..." to have random codes created for you. You can also use one of your Code Lists by clicking "Use List...".

What does it do: This is where you define the benefits of this promotion. Each option is explained in detail below.

  • Changes ticket price
    • Discount by a fixed dollar amount or by a percentage of the regular ticket price
      • NOTE: discounts are applied on a per ticket basis
    • Explicitly set the price to a specific amount.
    • Make the ticket free (no fees are charged on free tickets)
  • Changes ticket availability
    • Prevents purchase without a code: This option will cause the tickets included in this promotion to be locked, and a valid code from this promotion will be required for purchase.
    • Allows purchase before sales start: This option allows tickets to be purchased before the On Sale Date set on the event or ticket, with a valid code.
    • Allows purchase after sales end: This option allows tickets to be purchased after the Off Sale Date set on the event or ticket, with a valid code.
  • Displays on print-at-home tickets
    • Select this option if you'd like the promotion name to appear on customers' tickets.

When is it valid: Set the valid dates for your promotion.

  • Whenever tickets are on sale: This promotion is valid as long as the tickets are within their on-sale dates.
  • Between specific dates: Set a start and end time for this promotion.

What does it apply to: Select which tickets this promotion may be applied to.

  • All tickets for all of my events: This option makes this a global promotion, which will be valid for any ticket on any event within your organization.
  • All tickets for this event: This promotion is valid on any and all tickets for this specific event.
  • Specific tickets only: Select which tickets this promotion may be applied to.

What are the limits: Set limitations on how often a promotion may be used.

  • Codes expire after they're used: Each individual code may be used only once. The overall promotion may be used as many times as there are unique codes. Use this option for a single-use promotion, or if you have a list of unique codes and you only want each to be used once.
  • Set order limits: Set a minimum or maximum number of tickets required for this promotion to be valid.
    • Note: price discounts for promotions apply on a per-ticket basis. If you set a minimum of 4 tickets for a $10 promotion, the customer will save $40.
  • Set overall limits: Set the overall number or orders or tickets this promotion may be applied to.

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