How do I schedule changes to my tickets?

If you'd like to schedule any changes to the price, name, and/or status of your ticket types, you can do so through the scheduled changes option within your Tickets page! 

To get started, head to the Tickets page in your Event Menu, and click 'Manage' next to a ticket type. Then, click 'Scheduled Changes' to bring up the Scheduled Changes menu, and review any existing scheduled changes to that specific ticket type.

To create a new scheduled change, click 'Schedule a Change', and choose what will trigger that change. 

If 'On a date' is chosen, then the date chosen will be the time these changes will be applied to the ticket type.

If 'Inventory remaining goes below' is chosen, then once the inventory of this ticket reached below the chosen number, the changes will these changes will be applied to the ticket type.

Next, click 'Add a change' to decide what this change will do. You can choose to change the Price, Name, or Status of the ticket type.

Price: Change the price of the ticket type to whatever is entered.

Name: Changes the name of the ticket type to whatever is entered.

Status: Changes the status of the ticket type to 'Live' or 'Offline'

If multiple changes need to be scheduled at one time for the ticket type, just click 'Add a change' again to add another change! Once everything is looking good, click 'Save' to save your scheduled changes.

To edit any existing scheduled changes, just click 'Edit' on the Scheduled Changes section of the ticket type, make the edits needed to your scheduled changes, and click 'Save'.

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