How do I delete an unwanted event or ticket type?

Sometimes you'll create a ticket type or event that you no longer want. Maybe you inadvertently duplicated an existing ticket or event or changed your plan. In any case, you want it gone - not just offline and invisible to the general public, but removed from your Dashboard as well.

Deleting Ticket Types

Note: If you have pulled or sold any tickets from the ticket type in question, you'll be unable to delete that ticket type. 

Begin by navigating to the Tickets page from your Event Menu.  

Next, locate the ticket type you want to delete, click 'Manage', and select 'Delete Ticket' from the drop-down menu. You'll be prompted to confirm the deletion. If you're ready to proceed, hit 'Delete'. Once you receive confirmation that the unwanted ticket has been deleted, you're good to go! That ticket type will no longer appear in the Dashboard.

Deleting Events

Note: If you have pulled or sold any tickets from the event, or the event has events grouped within it, you will be unable to delete that event.

On the Event Menu, click 'Delete Event'.

You will be prompted to confirm you would like this event deleted. Click 'Delete' to erase the event.

With that done, your event will be deleted and will no longer appear among your other event listings.

If for any reason a deleted event needs to be restored, just contact!

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