How do I create a page to show several events at once?

If you're looking to provide a single page to that display all (or just some) of your upcoming events, regardless of how each event is configured, our Pages tool can help. Click the 'Manage' menu option at the top of any Dashboard page, then select 'Pages' to get started.

Creating or Editing a Page

Whether you're starting a new page from scratch or working on an existing one, you'll have the same customization. If you want to set up a new Page, start by pressing the '+ New Page' button. If you'd prefer to make changes to a page that has already been set up, just click its name in your list of pages.

Page Details

Title: The name of your page. The title will be visible to anyone viewing the page.

URL: By default, the text at the end of your page's URL will correspond to the title you've entered. If you'd prefer the URL slug to be different, you can edit that here!

Description: The content you enter here will appear at the top of your page, above your selection of events. This is a great place for information and policies common to all of the events displaying on the page (ex: refund or exchange policies, check-in information, information about the season or group of events, etc.).

External Links: If your organization has a social media presence, or if there's a specific website or contact address that you'd like your customers to have easy access you, you can enter those links here. The Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram fields will accept either a full URL or an @ username.

Select Events

Pages can be configured to display some or all of your events. To show all upcoming events in your organization, select 'All of my upcoming events'. To choose which events will be displayed on the page, choose 'A selection of my upcoming events'.

Events that are currently offline won't appear on a page until they've been made live, whereas unlisted events are handled differently depending on which of the two options you've chosen.

  • All of my upcoming events: unlisted events are omitted from the page.
  • A selection of my upcoming events: unlisted events are noted as such in the selection tool, and will be included on a page if deliberately chosen.

For more information about status and visibility of events, head to  this Knowledge Base article!

Event Display

There are a few different ways to display your events, each of which presents them in chronological order using different layouts. Depending on your needs, you may prefer one display or the other, or you may even want to create multiple pages using different displays!

List: Events are displayed in a vertical list, with the event's  'poster image' on the left and the event's title, date, time, features, and a 'buy' button to the right of that.

Calendar: Events are displayed on a calendar, with the titles of the events listed under the date they start. The Page will only display a full calendar for months that have events listed.

Grid: Events are displayed in a grid, with the Poster image shown above the event's date, time, and title.

Dropdown: Events are listed in a simple drop-down menu by date, time, and title.


Once you've selected a display mode, you can add a custom color scheme and/or a header image to your Page!

Colors can be entered by hex code, or can be chosen via a color picker.

Upload a custom header image by clicking 'Upload An Image'. To replace an existing header image, click 'Remove/Replace image. Once a custom header image has been uploaded, you can adjust the scaling on it to better fit the design of your page. 

Note: While any picture can be placed as the header image, the recommended header image size is 1500px by 500px.

When you're done, click 'Save', and your page will be ready to share! A URL for your new page can then be grabbed from the URL section of the page editor, or in your list of pages by clicking the link icon.

To delete an unwanted page, head to your list of pages, find the page you no longer need and click 'Delete'. Once deleted, that page will be gone forever!

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