How do I adjust the visibility of my event?

Each event has two visibility settings: Online/Offline, and Listed/Unlisted. These can be accessed on the Overview page and can be changed at any time.

  • Online: The event page is ready for use. Note that this doesn't necessarily correspond to the on-sale time of your tickets, nor does your event have to be publicly searchable.
  • Offline: The event page cannot be viewed by the general public. When an event is Offline, the event listing cannot be accessed or seen by anyone without a login for your organization, even with a direct link to the page. 
    • Note: Taking an event offline after it has been released and begun to sell tickets is not recommended, even if the event has sold out. Any customers attempting to view an offline event page won't see the event description or any of the custom off-sale messages you configured for your event. 
  • Listed: The event page is searchable and visible to anyone, and will appear in public event listings.
  • Unlisted: The event page is not searchable, will not appear in public event listings, and cannot be accessed without a direct link. The 'Unlisted' setting is particularly useful if you wish to allow certain customers to purchase tickets before the general public. 
    • Note: This setting doesn't prevent anyone from buying tickets if they're able to access the page. If the event page link is posted publicly or otherwise shared, anyone with that link can access the page. 
    • You can find more information on restricting access to tickets by using Promotion Codes here.

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