How do I add images to my event page?

You can add several different image types and sizes to your event page to make it unique and compelling.

Images are added, edited, or removed from the Details page, which can be accessed through your Event Menu.

Scroll down to the Images section and you'll see Event Images, Cover Image, and Poster Image fields. To add any type of image, simply click the square with the "+" in the middle and select the image from your computer. The image will be uploaded and resized as needed.

Here's where those different images will appear on your event page:

Event Images

You can add one or more Event Images. These will display in a carousel below your event description and ticket details. A wide range of dimensions will display well in this image carousel.

Cover Image

The cover image should be short and wide, and will span the top of your event page. A max width of 980px is recommended.

Poster Image

The poster image appears between the "Buy Tickets" button and the location information, and is oriented like a traditional show poster (typically taller than it is wide). A max width of 285px is recommended.

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