How do I use promo code lists?

If you have a list of Promotion Codes that you'd like to use with multiple events (e.g. member codes for people who get discounted tickets to all of your shows), you can create a single reusable and editable list that can be applied to any promotion on any event.

Creating a Code List

To begin, access your event in the Dashboard and navigate to the Promotion Codes page.

Click the 'New Code List' button.

You should see the following interface:

  • Status: Determines whether a given code list is active or not. When set to 'Offline', any linked promotions will not work.
  • Name: Fairly self-explanatory! Enter whatever name you'd like to use to identify your list. 
  • Code(s): Each list supports up to 10,000 different codes, one per line. You can either enter these manually, or click the 'Generate' link to create as many random alphanumeric codes as you need.

Note: You can make additions to or remove codes from a list at any time, and any changes to the list will be reflected across any promotions that operate off of it. 

When you're ready, click 'Save'. Your list should be ready to go!

Using your Code Lists

Depending on which is appropriate, press either the '+ New Promotion' button at the top of the page to create a brand new promotion, or the 'Edit' button next to an existing promotion you'd like to attach the list to. 

Once you've reached the promotion editor, select 'Use List...' from the 'Code(s)' section.

A drop-down menu will appear, allowing you to select from the currently available code lists.

Select the code list you want to use, make any other changes necessary to the promotion, and hit 'Save'. The codes in that list will now be ready for use with that promotion! 

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