What if I don't want to collect attendee names?

By default, Bold Type Tickets collects an individual attendee name for each ticket in a customer’s order. If you’d prefer to skip collecting those names for your events, those fields can be toggled on or off on an organization-wide or per-event basis!

Toggling attendee name collection for your organization

If you’d like to change whether your organization’s events collects attendee names by default, name collection can be switched on or off at any time from your Organization Settings page.

1. To get started, click your organization's name, and then click 'Settings'.

2. In 'Attendee Names', click 'edit' and then choose 'Collect attendee names for each ticket' or 'Do not collect attendee names'.

Click 'Save', and your choice will become the new default for all events in your organization!

Toggling attendee name collection for an event

Have an event that you want to handle attendee name collection differently from the rest of your organization? Individual events attendee name collection can be toggled on or off while creating your event, or at any time through an event's ticket settings!

1. Head to your event's Tickets page, and in 'Settings' click 'edit'.

2. In 'Attendee Names' section, click 'Customize for this event...', and then choose 'Collect Attendee Names' or 'Do Not Collect'.

Click 'Save', and your selected setting will become the new default for that event!

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