How do I know if my event is live?

You created an event listing and are ready to sell tickets, but is the event page live? Easily check your event status on the Overview page!



The event is live and ready to sell tickets!


When an event is offline, no tickets will be sold. In offline mode you can preview the event page from the "Event Page" link on the top right-hand corner of your screen, but the listing is not searchable. If you've previously shared the event listing link, the URL will result in a 404 message.



When the event is live and listed, it will appear in public event listings and search results.


When the event is live and unlisted, it will be visible only with a direct link. This means it won't appear on affiliate sites (i.e. Stranger Tickets, Mercury Tickets, etc). Unlisted events can still appear in general search results, if you need to restrict access to tickets - unlisted tickets or promo code restrictions are more effective options!

For more on promo codes see: How do I create a promotion or discount code?

NOTE: You can also change the status and visibility of individual ticket types through the Tickets page. Just click "Manage" and adjust as needed!

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