How do I lookup customers for my event?

note: You can also manage customer orders through the Order Lookup tool, where you can change email addresses or names, re-send customer receipts, or refund an order! More information: How do I manage my customers' orders?

Need to locate a particular order, ticket, or customer for an specific event? Search through Ticket Lookup!

Go to the Ticket Lookup page through your event dashboard.

You can search for tickets by name, email, serial number, or confirmation code. You can also search for things like "last 5" or "first 10" to get the last 5 or first 10 orders. 

Need a broader search? Try searching for "will call" or "print at home" to see all orders with that delivery option.

All tickets meeting your search criteria will be located. You can see the order number, serial number, and checkout information. You can also print the order, resend the receipt, or void tickets. 

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