How do I use the Box Office app?

Our Box Office app makes selling tickets in person easier than ever! The app allows any user in your organization with a User, Administrator, or Owner account to scan, sell, check in, and print tickets for attendees. Scanner and Box Office users have limited access, and can scan/check in attendee tickets.
For more information on adding users for the Box Office app, check out the help article below:
In order to utilize the new app, you will need the following:
  • An iOS 9+ device with a rear-facing camera
  • Internet connection

Optionally, the app integrates via Bluetooth with secure chip/swipe card readers and Boca and Star ticket printers. For inquiries about equipment rental, contact!

Selling Tickets

Selecting an Event & Navigating to the 'Sell' Tab

To begin, you'll need to select the event that you want to sell tickets for. Make sure you're signed into the right user account, then choose the event from the list.

Once you have the event selected, choose the 'Sell' tab from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

Choosing Tickets

You'll be presented with a list of all ticket types currently available for that event. To make a sale, use the quantity selectors to choose the desired number of tickets of each type. The subtotal will update to reflect the items currently in the cart.

Important Note: You can use the app to sell any ticket type to customers at any time, up until the point that the ticket's inventory is depleted. This includes ticket types that may not be visible on or available via the public event listing, such as tickets that:
  • Are unlisted
  • Are offline
  • Are outside of the dates they'd normally be on sale
  • Have had their sales manually stopped via the 'StopSales' option
Once you have the right quantities and types of tickets selected, tap 'Checkout'.

Collecting Customer Information 

For each ticket in your cart, you can optionally enter an Attendee Name. This name can be different from that of the person buying the tickets; it's what will be listed for each individual ticket, rather than the order as a whole.If you would like to skip this step, just tap 'Next’

Note: If you've opted to have any extra checkout questions (e.g.'Party Name' or ‘Dietary Restrictions’) added to your event's checkout process, those will appear here as well.

Once you reach the Payment page, you'll be given a summary of the items in the cart, along with any applicable fees or taxes.

If applicable, you can also apply a promotion code to the order. Just tap 'Enter promo code' to bring up a dialog box, enter the code, and tap 'OK' to apply it.

You'll then be prompted to enter the purchaser's first and last name, email address, and phone number. These will be associated with the order itself, and the email address provided is the one that the receipt will be sent to by default.These four fields are optional if you are trying to expedite your box office experience!

Taking Payment

When taking an order via the Box Office app, there are two ways to take payment:
  • Manually entering the customer's credit/debit card information
  • Taking payment via cash

Note: For cash sales, no Processing Fee is charged. 

Manually Entering Card Info

Select 'Enter credit card', then tap 'Place Order' at the top right corner of the screen.

You'll need to enter the card number, along with the card's expiration date and CVC.

Once that is entered and the purchase successfully processed, you will be brought to the order’s confirmation screen!

Taking Cash

If the customer is paying with cash, select 'Cash' under Payment Options.

We know that customers rarely carry exact change! To make things easier on you and your box office staff, a Change Calculator appears when the Cash payment option is selected; just enter the amount that the customer has tendered, and the correct change will be calculated just below.

Once you're ready to proceed, tap 'Place Order' in the top right corner and you'll be whisked away to the confirmation screen!

Order Confirmation

You did it! The Order Confirmation page means that the customer's order has been placed and that their payment has been successfully registered. From here, you can send a receipt via email, print tickets and receipts, refund the order, or check in tickets.

Sending Receipts

From the confirmation page, you can email the customer a copy of their receipt. Their email address will auto-populate with whichever one (if any) was provided during checkout, but you can absolutely enter a different one if desired.


You can also print the customer's receipt and/or tickets, if your device is connected to a compatible printer BOCA printer. Contact for more information about compatible printers. 

When you tap 'Print', you'll see a list of the items in that order. Everything in the order is automatically selected for printing by default, but if you see something there that doesn't need to be printed at the moment, just tap it to deselect it.

 Tapping 'Print' again will start the printing process.

Checking in attendees

If you have access to more than one organization with Bold Type Tickets, in the SETTINGS icon on the bottom bar of the box office screen, select the appropriate organization to get started. 

You’ll be able to view all of your events, Upcoming and Previous. Select an event to get scanning! A full list of all ticket holders will appear. 

Check in

You can simply click the box next to the appropriate attendee name to check them in!


Click the“Scan”button at the top right of your device’s screen to scan tickets using your device’s camera. Once the camera is up, just point it toward the QR code on your attendee's ticket to scan the ticket in!

Scan Result Messages

In a perfect world, every customer would present a valid ticket. We know that’s not always the case, so our app is designed not just to tell you whether a ticket is good, but also what’s wrong with it in the event that it’s bad.
Scanned In
This ticket is valid and has been successfully redeemed. Hooray!

Already Scanned
This ticket has already been redeemed and is not valid. You’ll be able to see how long ago it was scanned and which user scanned it in. If the ticket was scanned just seconds ago by the same user account you’re logged in under, it’s likely that the ticket was accidentally scanned twice. 
This was once a valid ticket, but it has been voided for some reason. Reasons can include (but are not limited to):
  • This ticket was reissued for another date as part of an exchange.
  • This ticket was refunded.
  • This ticket was determined to be part of a potentially fraudulent order.
Not Recognized
This ticket cannot be recognized by the scanner. Reasons for this can include:
  • The ticket is for the wrong event. If your event is part of a series, make sure that the ticket in question isn’t for another showtime.
  • The ticket hasn’t been synced to the scanner. Make sure your scanning device is connected to the WiFi or cellular dataand has been synced recently, then try again.
  • It’s not a valid ticket.

Syncing & Offline Mode

Provided your device is connected to WiFi or cellular data, the scanner app syncs with our servers once a minute. During this time it uploads its own scan data and downloads new tickets and redemption data from other devices. You can change how often the device syncs by going to Events > Settings > Automatic Sync Interval.
While we strongly recommend that your scanners stay online while in use, sometimes that’s not feasible. The scanner app  is capable of validating tickets without an internet connection, provided it has already been synced and downloaded the ticket data from the server. This has its limitations, however:
  • Tickets purchased after the device was synced will not be recognized.
  • A given scanner will not be able to validate whether a ticket has already been scanned by another device or checked in via Ticket Lookup.
  • Redemption data will not be uploaded to the server(and thus will not be reflected on your event’s Admissions Data page) until the app syncs again.
In the event that you’re going to be without an internet connection while you’re scanning, it’s important that you make tickets go off-sale before your event is scheduled to start. Once sales have ended, log into the scanner app on each device you’ll be using, select the event(s) you’ll be scanning tickets for, and allow the app to sync completely.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you’re in scanning mode and haven’t used the app in a minute or two, the app will automatically shut off the camera to preserve your device’s battery. To resume scanning, just tap the on-screen prompt.
  • For security purposes, the app will automatically log you out of your account after a period of inactivity. By default, this interval is set to one hour; if you’d like to change that, go to Events > Settings > Session Timeout.
  • To log into the app, an event manager needs to have sent you a user invite and/or created a scanner login for you. If you’re having trouble logging into something you’re supposed to have access to, shoot us an email at

Looking up attendees

Finding Attendees

Select the appropriate event, and head to the Orders tab:

From there, you can search for orders by name, email address, or confirmation code:

Managing Attendees

Just tap the order you're interested in to start managing it. Once there, you can re-send the receipt, print tickets, refund the order, or check attendees in!

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