How do I list multiple events as part of a larger event?

If you’re hosting something like a festival or performance series, where multiple smaller events with their own tickets fall under the same umbrella, you may want to set it up as an event group. 

To start this process, create the parent event first. Setting up a parent event works exactly the same way as  creating any other event, but unless you're planning on offering a ticket type that grants access to several of the child events within that group, you don't need to worry about listing any products here.

Once your parent event is set up, click the Group page in the Event Menu.

Here, you’ll see a summary of your parent event. Click the “+ Add an Event to this Group” button to create your first child event.

From there, set up your child event as you would any other event! After your first child event is set up, you’ll see it listed below your parent event on the Group page, and the child event’s financial and inventory numbers will be included in the total for the event group.

Repeat the process to create additional child events as necessary from the Group page. If you have questions regarding group event set up,  contact support and we will be happy to walk you through the process!

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