How do I update the details of my event?

After your event has been created, you can still make changes to the title, description, and venue using the Details page of the Event Menu. 

Once you're in the Details page, click the 'Edit' link next to any field to change that information.


Here, you can change the name of your event. If you have a lot of information to convey ("So and so presents...", etc.), you may want to utilize the Before and After Title fields, which let you add less prominent text.


You can also change the event’s venue. If the venue isn't already in the drop-down menu, you'll need to select "Add a new venue..." and enter the name and address.

Date & Time

Set your event's start and end time here. If your event spans multiple days and each day has separate tickets, you'll probably want to create a separate event for each day, then group them under a parent event.  For instructions on grouping events,  click here.


This field is where you'll want to enter any special restrictions or accommodations your event may include. Things like "18+," "ASL Interpreted," or "Wheelchair Accessible" should be entered one at a time, and will be featured prominently just below the event title.


Here, you can enter a summary of your event, as well as any other relevant information not covered above. You can format the description text however you'd like!

Off-Sale Messages

This section allows you to make changes to the messages that appear when tickets are on- or off-sale. There are four different types of off-sale messages:

  • Pre Sale: Appears when the event is live, but tickets are not yet on sale.
  • On Sale: Appears when the event is live and tickets are on sale.
  • Post Sale: Appears after the off-sale date and time.
  • No Inventory: AKA Sold Out. Appears when all of the allocated inventory for a given ticket type has been sold.

Adding images to your event listing is optional. Images on your event page will fall into three categories: Cover Image, Poster Image, and Event Images. They're laid out as follows:

You're able to add multiple Event Images (and rearrange them after uploading), but only one Poster and Cover image.


If your organization has a custom site, you’ll see a Site setting at the bottom of the Details page that allows you to control which page the event is listed under. 

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