How do I check attendees into my event through the dashboard?

In addition to scanning tickets using the Box Office app, you can check attendees into your event using the Ticket Lookup tool, which works hand-in-hand with the Bold Type Ticket Scanner app. 

Finding the Ticket Lookup tool 

From your Event Menu, click the 'Ticket Lookup' page under Box Office tools.

Search for the customer

Enter the name, email address, serial number, or confirmation code for the attendee you want to check in and click 'Search'.

Tickets associated with the information you entered will appear. Confirm that you are checking in the correct ticket, then click 'Check In'. 


That ticket has been successfully checked in. Any false duplicates of the ticket will not be admitted (they will appear as already Checked In/Scanned). The attendee is good to go, and so are you!

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