How do I email my ticket buyers?

If you need to send an email to customers about an event (such as parking information, event updates, or date changes), you can do so with the 'Messages' tool through any of your event listings!

Sending a message

1. To get started, click on the Messages page and then click 'Create a New Message'.

2. In the 'Send to' section, select your message's intended recipients. By default, messages are sent to all attendees; however, you can limit recipients to those who purchased a certain ticket type, used a certain promotional code, selected a specific delivery option (e.g. Will Call), or purchased on, before, or after a certain date. If you want to BCC an additional recipient to the message, those addresses can be added to the recipient list in the 'Also send a copy to' field.

3. If you wish to change the 'From' name that you customers will see in their inbox, you can do so! All messages are always delivered from, but use this option if you think it will help customers notice and open your message. The default name is Bold Type Tickets.

4. Enter a subject in the 'Subject' field. We recommend keeping it concise but informative.

5. In the 'Message' field, enter the message you'd like to send. If you'd like the message to include event details (where and when it occurs, as it is listed on your event page) or a link to the customer's order, select those options below the message field and we’ll automatically include that information in each message.

6. If you would like to save your message at this point, select 'Save Draft'. Want to see how it would look to customers? You can also preview the message at this point.

7. You can schedule when you'd like this message to be sent in the 'Submit for Approval' section. To ensure your messages reach your customers, our moderators must approve all messages sent through the Messages tool. You can decide when we’ll send the message after approval by selecting one of the three options in the“Submit for Approval” section:

  • Immediately: we’ll queue your message for sending immediately upon approval.
  • At a specific time: choose a specific date and time and we’ll queue your approved message to be sent then.
  • At a time relative to the event: choose to have us send your approved message at a time relative to your event’s start or end time.

8. Last, when you're ready, click 'Review and Submit for Approval'. A preview of your message will appear, and if everything looks good, click 'Submit for approval' then your message will be sent to our moderators for approval! We'll notify you when your message has been approved or if we need you to re-submit it.

Message moderation and approval

We moderate the messages sent through the Dashboard to customers to ensure they always receive important event information and updates. Not sure if your message is a good fit? Take a look at the guidelines below.

Sending event updates and communicating with your attendees

Our Messages tool is for updates and information about your events. To ensure that your message is approved to be sent to your customers, follow these guidelines:

  1. Your message should contain no images. Images increase the chance of a message being flagged as spam by the customer's email provider.
  2. The message only provides information pertinent to the event. Need to tell them about a different event you're holding? Check out the marketing and sales section below.

Marketing and sales emails

Need to send a message to customers for reasons not related to their purchase or the event they are attending? No problem! Follow the instructions below to find out how to download a list of attendee contact information, which you can then import to another mail service of your choice. More information on the attendee list itself is available HERE.

1. From your Event, click to the 'Attendee List' page in the left side menu.

You will be taken to the Attendee List page of your event.

2. Click the 'Send List' button.

3. Enter your email address, or the address of someone you'd like your attendee list sent to.

The specified email address will receive an email from Bold Type Tickets with a full list of all current attendees. Attached to the email is a .csv file that can be imported into your email software of choice (Constant Contact, MailChimp, Salesforce, etc).

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