How do I access my Attendee List?

You can access the Attendee List for your event anytime by clicking the 'Attendee List' page in your Event Menu.

You can also access this page by clicking the 'Attendee List' link next to each event on the All Events page.

Here you can access your Attendee List through Ticket Lookup, Print Will Call Only, Print All Attendee, or Send List.

Ticket Lookup will take you to the 'Ticket Lookup' tool, where you can search for specific attendees by name, email, Serial Number, or Confirmation Code.

Print Will Call Only will open a page containing your event's Will Call ticket information, ready to be printed off. 

Similarly, Print All Attendees will open a page containing all of your event's attendees in a printable format.

Send List allows your to send an attendee list to a specific email. Simply enter the email(s) you'd like an attendee list sent to and click 'Send'. The list will be delivered to the designated address shortly. 

The final Attendee List will also be sent automatically to the event contact when tickets go off-sale.

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