How do I create a user for the iOS scanning app?

Note: You'll need to be an Owner or Administrator for your organization to manage users.

Any user in your organization can log into the scanning app using their email address and password. ( How do I create a new user?)

If you'd like to create a user only for scanning tickets (without access to your dashboard, reports, or account details), you can create a "Scanner User" that can only access the iOS scanning app and will have no Dashboard privileges.

To create this type of user, click "Manage Users" in the organization menu. 

Click "Add a Scanner Login."

Scanner users' logins must be unique across the whole system. Our system will suggest something unique for you, or you can enter your own username. 

Note: Scanner logins don't need to be an email address!

Enter a password for the user and click "Create Login". The new user is ready to use on the iOS scanning app!

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