How do I use the Box Office app to print tickets?

Whether you’re using the Box Office app to sell tickets in advance or at your event, you may want to provide customers with a physical receipt or ticket!

To print, you’ll need to have access to a compatible Star or Boca printer. To inquire about printer rental, or for a list of compatible printers, please contact

Getting Set Up

Boca Printers

To configure Boca printers, turn on the device and head to the Bluetooth settings on your device. Select the Boca printer from available devices and connect!

In the Box Office app, navigate to the 'Settings' tab, and tap 'Configure Printers.' Check next to the printer you'd like to use:

Now you're ready to print tickets with Boca!


After you’ve completed a purchase, just select 'Print' on the Order Confirmation screen. You’ll have the option to print the receipt and any of the tickets associated with the order.
By default, all items will be selected, but you opt out of printing specific items by clicking the check mark next to it’s name! Then press the green 'Print’ button at the top of the screen to start.

Printed tickets can be scanned in using the app, just like a print at home ticket.

Printed Boca ticket

Printed Boca ticket

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