How do I duplicate my event?

Duplicating an Existing Event

Start by heading to that event's dashboard and click 'Duplicate Event'.

Then, choose the dates for your new events, select a starting time, and click 'Create New Events'.

Your events will be duplicated, and you will receive an email when all new events have been created. Duplicated events will be created in an offline status, and you can make them live when you are ready to show them to the public and start selling tickets!

**Note: If you receive any warnings before duplicating your event, contact Bold Type Tickets Support for assistance.**

What Does and Doesn't Get Duplicated?

The event and any ticket products will be duplicated with most of their original configurations, including images and inventory settings

Various dates and times for the new event will be adjusted or reset, and should always be reviewed after duplication.

  • The event end date will be the same offset from your new start date as the original event end date was. If your original event ended 24 hours after the start, your copied event will too.

  • Custom On-Sale dates on tickets will be reset to the current time of duplication, which means your copied tickets will be ready to go on-sale immediately, even though they are Offline to start. Off-Sale dates will be the same offset from your new on-sale date as they were from the original ticket's on-sale date. If you have previously set custom on-sale and off-sale dates for your tickets, you should always review your duplicated events in the Tickets Editor or examine the Timeline on the Event Overview.

  • If our support team has created custom Fee configurations, Checkout Questions, or Cart Add Ons for the original event, those will be duplicated.

Among the settings that are not duplicated:

  • If you have scheduled the original Event or Products to go Live or make pricing changes on particular dates and times, those will not be duplicated, as they are too specific to the original event.

  • If we have created a Kit of multiple tickets, those tickets will be duplicated but they will not be reassembled into a Kit. Contact support to follow-up after duplicating.

  • If we have created custom Confirmation Text (or Snippets) for the original event, those will not be copied to the new Event, as they usually contain contextual information. Contact support if you need to replace this content.

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