How do I sync my customers’ information with my Mailchimp account?

Now you can automatically add your customers' names and email addresses to your organization's MailChimp lists.

Authorizing Bold Type Tickets to access your lists

1.If you have administrator or owner permissions on your organization, head to the 'Integrations' page on your Dashboard and select 'MailChimp'.

2. Click 'Connect to Mailchimp'.
3. When prompted, log in to MailChimp in order to authorize Bold Type Tickets to access information in your Mailchimp account. Then, click 'Complete Setup' to continue the MailChimp integration process.

Choosing a MailChimp list

The last step is to choose which MailChimp list you’d like new email addresses added to; until this is done, no new email addresses will be synced to your account. Once you’ve made your selection, click 'Update Settings'. 

You can change your destination list at any time. To do so, just choose a different list from the menu and click ‘Update Settings’ again.

Disconnecting MailChimp

If you wish to disconnect your MailChimp account from your Bold Type Tickets organization, head back to your organization’s MailChimp integration page and select 'Disconnect from MailChimp'. 

Once your account has been disconnected, new customer email addresses will no longer be automatically added to any of your MailChimp lists. 

Import Information to Another Email Marketing Platform

Our MailChimp integration makes things easy, but you can also export your customers’ information in CSV format, allowing you to use it with any mailing or marketing service you’d like!

1. From any event, navigate to the 'Attendee List' page using the event menu.

2. Click the 'Send List' button.
3. Enter the email address that you'd like your attendee list sent to.
Within a few minutes, you should receive an email from with a full list of the event’s current attendees. A compressed .csv version of that list is attached, which can then be imported into the mail software or marketing platform of your choice.

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