How do I view the revenue for my event?

For information about the revenue for your event, you can find a detailed, sortable breakdown through the Settlement page. 


A simple breakdown of your payment for the event can be viewed at the top of the Settlement page. You can also see the total Revenue collected and the amount retained by (or owed to) Bold Type Tickets.

Balance: the amount you will be paid the Wednesday following your event's date

Revenue: the total amount of revenue collected by ticket sales

Owed to Bold Type Tickets: the amount sales retained by Bold Type Tickets

Additional Information 

You can click the icon next to both Revenue and Owed to Bold Type Tickets for a more detailed breakdown of those amounts.


Here you'll see the base ticket price, as well as any associated fees and taxes collected.

Owed to Bold Type Tickets: 

This details the amount of revenue retained by Bold Type Tickets.

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