How do I view a sales report?

For information on who has purchased tickets and all the data collected from those customers, you can find detailed, customizable reports through the Sales Reports page.

Types of Reports

Depending on the information you're interested in, there are a few different report types available: Orders, Line Items, Units, and Custom Exports. Select a report type to get started!

Orders: Every customer's order has its own row. A general overview of your customer's order, including the name, email, billing address, and total amount of the order. We recommend using the Order report if you are interested in gathering information about the customers themselves.

Line Items: Every ticket type purchased by a customer has its own row. This is a closer look into each ticket type, including a breakdown of all charges, promotions used, and source of payment. Orders are broken down by quantity purchased of each type of ticket; if a single order consists of multiple ticket types, each type will have its own row. We recommend using the Line Items report for any financial reporting.

Units: Each individual ticket purchased has its own row. Every ticket sold is broken down by serial number, order number, and purchaser information. The Units report is most useful when you need specific information about individual tickets.

Custom Exports: If your organization has requested Bold Type Tickets Support add any custom fields to the checkout process, information from those custom fields can be found here. To view this information, you will need to click the 'Export' button to have a .csv file of the information generated and sent to your email address.

Note: The Custom Exports report will only appear if you have any custom fields in checkout set up for your event.

Filtering Reports

If you'd like your report to only contain information regarding a certain ticket type, or what was sold in a specific timeframe, you can filter the contests of your reports by clicking 'Filter or Search'.

In the left side of the filter menu, you can filter the orders in your report by timeframe.

On the right side of the filter menu, you can filter the report by products purchased, promotions used, where these tickets were purchased (Online, Point of Sale, etc.), and the delivery method for tickets. You can also search by any specific information through the 'Search' bar.

Once you have your filters set the way you'd like, click 'Update', and the report will be updated your new parameters.

Exporting Reports

To export any of these reports as .csv files, just click 'Export', and a .csv file of the report will be generated and sent to your email address.

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