How do I track how people are getting to my event page?

If you'd like to gain more information on how customers are reaching your event listing and purchasing tickets, you can add tracking links for your event through the 'Tracking Links' page!

In the Tracking Links page, you can create customized versions of your event page URL to see how many visitors and purchasers came from a certain source. Once created, you can distribute these custom URLs to that source to start tracking referrals. To get started, click 'New Tracking Link':

Then, enter the code you'd like to use for the tracking link and (optionally) a description. Then, click 'Create Code' to generate the tracking link:

Your new tracking link will then appear in the list below! There, you can see the amount of views that link has received, as well as the amount of orders, tickets sold, and revenue that has come through customers accessing that link. Click 'Copy to Clipboard' to copy the custom URL so it can be placed at the intended source.

If you'd like to access a detailed report of the purchases that came through that Tracking Link, you can access that through the 'Sales Reports' button.

Once your tracking link is created, you can also attach these tracking links to your embeddable widgets if you'd like to see how many people purchased tickets from a certain embedded widget, instead of from a certain URL. This can be done from your event's 'Widgets' page.

When customizing your widget, choose a tracking code from the 'Tracking Code' section. When embedded into a website, that widget will contain the tracking link that you selected.


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