How do I embed a ticket widget on another website?

If you'd like to share information about your ticketed events on other websites, you can do so by embedding a ticket widget! There are three types of widgets: ticket table, button link, and text link.

To get started, click the Widgets page in your Event Menu.

On the widgets page, you’ll see three different options: ticket table, button link, and text link.

Ticket Table

First option is to embed a "Ticket Table", which displays all your publicly listed ticket types wherever you embed it.  

Note: If you see a message that your event is not found, it is likely because the event isn’t yet live. The ticket table widget will show the current public view of your ticket options, so you’ll need to make your event live to see your tickets in the preview.

You can customize the text, background, and button colors of the ticket through the 'Customize' section found below the the preview.

To begin customizing, click on the option you'd like to change, and either enter in the hex code, or choose a color from the selector. Once you have selected your color, click 'OK' and the color will be updated in the preview!

After customizing the look and feel of your widget, scroll down to the 'Code' section and click the 'Copy to clipboard' button.

Enter that code into your website, and you're set!

Button Link

If you'd like to embed a button to direct customers to your event listing, rather than embedding the whole ticket table, you can do that through the 'Button Link' option.

Customize the text and logo option you'd like to appear on the button link, and click 'Generate Code'. 

Then, click the 'Copy to clipboard' button. Enter that code into your website for the button to appear!

Text Link

Is a Ticket table or button link too flashy? You can also embed a text link to your event listing through the 'Text Link' option. 

Just enter the text you'd like to appear, and click 'Copy to clipboard'. Enter the copied code into your website, and you're good to go!

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