How do I customize the way my event's dates are displayed?

Want to customize the way an event's date is being displayed on your event listing beyond the default start date? No problem! This can be done by opening the Details page of your Event Menu!

Once you’ve reached the Details page, you’ll see a 'Date & Time' section, showing your event's start date, end date, and what will be displayed on your public event listing under 'Date & Time Formatting'. Click 'Edit' to start customizing your date display.

For standard formatting options, you can check 'Show Start', 'Show End', 'Show Time Zone', or any combination of the three. Just click 'Save' after choosing your formatting option, and your new display will be applied.

If you'd like to format that date differently, or add additional information, that can be done by clicking 'Customize display text...'. 

Note: If you change your event's start or end time, any custom display text will remain the same. Make sure to edit your custom display text if needed!

Enter the text you'd like displayed as the event's date (60 character limit), and click 'Save'! 

Your custom text will now display as the event listing's date. This can also be done during your initial event creation through that same 'Date & Time' section.

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