How do I check on my event's sales?

The Sales Overview page gives an overview of your event's sales and is accessible through your Event Menu.

In the Sales Overview page, you’ll see your ticket sales broken down several different ways, along with a graph showing ticket sales by date.


Revenue shows your event’s total sales, further broken down into revenue earned from ticket sales, fees, taxes, shipping costs, and any other charges. 


Ticket shows the total count of tickets distributed for your event so far. 'Total Items' and 'Total Units' may be different values. A unit is what's delivered to a customer, while an item is the actual purchased product. 

Example: If one of your ticket types is a three-day pass that’s fulfilled as three single-day tickets, it will appear as one item, but three units.

If you pulled any tickets (e.g. for guests or VIPs), those tickets will be listed separately from tickets that were purchased by customers.


Order shows the total number of transactions, along with the average units, items, and value of each transaction.

Product Breakdown

Here, you can see the breakdown of sales by ticket type. Product Breakdown will show the number of units sold and pulled for each product type, along with revenue and percent of total revenue. 

If there were any price changes, this section will also show how many tickets of each type were sold at each price point, as seen below.

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