How and when do I get paid?

When you create an event listing, you can choose for Bold Type Tickets to process your customers’ payments on your behalf or to process them directly with your own Stripe payment processor. 

Using Bold Type Tickets for payment processing

If you use Bold Type Tickets' payment processor to handle your event's sales, we collect all revenue on your behalf, then pay you out after the event has concluded.

Going on sale:

  • Ticket sales can begin immediately.
  • Event funds are collected through Bold Type Tickets’ payment processor and are disbursed on the Wednesday following your event. Disbursements can be made by check or direct deposit.
  • Payments will be processed in USD.

Receiving payouts:

  • To receive payouts by check, please submit a W-9 Form directly from your account's Payment Settings.
  • To receive payouts by direct deposit, please submit both a W-9 Form and ACH Authorization Form directly from your account's Payment Settings.

When logged into your account's dashboard, navigate to the Organization Settings menu in the upper right corner of your Bold Type Tickets dashboard, then select 'Payment Settings'.

Scroll to Forms in the FAQ section. To submit W-9 and/or direct deposit information, select the document link.

Who gets what:

  • Your organization receives 100% of all ticket revenue, plus any facility fees (if applicable).
  • Bold Type Tickets keeps the service fee, plus the 3.2% processing fee.


Payouts and IRS Reporting:

When utilizing Bold Type Tickets Payment Processing, the IRS requires that we issue an annual Form 1099-K if your total sales meet the form 1099-K IRS reporting threshold. To receive your payouts, we require you to complete a W-9 form.

W-9 Taxpayer Information:

Before initiating any payouts, Bold Type Tickets will collect your taxpayer information through a W-9 form. This requirement applies to individuals, LLCs, corporations, and nonprofits, regardless of their tax status. To update or make changes to your taxpayer information online, navigate to the ‘Organization Settings’ menu in the upper right corner of your Bold Type Tickets dashboard, then select ‘Payment Settings.’ For assistance, please contact:
If your organization's tax information or status changes, please resubmit W-9 information directly from your account's Payment Settings.

Form 1099-K:

Important Notice: For 2023 and prior years, Bold Type Tickets will issue a 1099-K for your organization only if it satisfies the specified requirements outlined by the IRS, which include receiving over $20,000 and having more than 200 transactions. However, for the tax year 2024, the IRS intends to implement a threshold of $5,000 to gradually introduce a change to the reporting requirements. The 1099-K serves as an informational summary of the gross amount received from Bold Type Tickets throughout the year, aiding you in your tax reporting. Each January, Bold Type Tickets will issue a 1099-K to qualifying organizations. Further details can be found in the IRS FAQ at this link:

Please note that Bold Type Tickets cannot offer tax advice. If you have questions about tax reporting or filing, please consult a tax advisor.

Using your own integrated Stripe payment processor

If you'd prefer to process payments on your own Stripe account in order to get access to your event's proceeds as sales happen, Bold Type Tickets can integrate directly with Stripe! All revenue will go to your organization at first; you'll keep the ticket proceeds and the collected processing fees, while we'll invoice you weekly for our service fees. 

Going on sale:

  • You will need to create or link an active Stripe account before selling tickets.
  • Event funds are sent directly to your Stripe account as purchases are made.
  • Payments can be processed in USD or CAD.

Receiving payouts:

  • Any necessary information will be requested by your payment processor service.
  • You do not need to submit any tax information to Bold Type Tickets.

Who gets what:

  • Your organization retains 100% of all ticket revenue, plus any facility fees (if applicable).
  • Your organization receives the 3.2% processing fee, but is responsible for paying any transaction fees charged by Stripe.
  • Bold Type Tickets will invoice your organization on a weekly basis for service fees only.
    • Invoices can be paid online through your invoice, by phone at 888-377-4510, or by mail at Bold Type Tickets, 800 Maynard Ave S, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98134.
You can integrate a Stripe account with your Bold Type Tickets organization by heading to the 'Organization Settings' menu in the upper right corner of your Bold Type Tickets dashboard, and then selecting Payment Settings.

Complete these 3 steps to link to your own Stripe payment processor: 

Step 1: Add a billing card

You must add a billing card to keep on file, which will be automatically charged on a weekly basis for any service fees incurred.

Step 2: Link your Stripe account

If you wish to link your active Stripe account, click the "Connect with Stripe" button found in your account's Payments Settings.

Step 3: Select your Stripe account as your payment processor

After successfully linking your Stripe account, navigate back to your Payments Settings page. Click the "Select" button to choose your Stripe payment processor and make your Stripe account the default payment processor for all of your events. (To change the default back to Bold Type Tickets's processor, click 'Select' on the Bold Type Tickets option.)

Changing payment processor settings for a specific event

Don't want your default payment processor active for one of your events? Start by heading to your Dashboard and locating that event in the All Events page.

Once you've navigated to the event, select 'Payment' from the Event Menu.

Click on the payment processor you'd like to use to collect funds. Moving forward, purchases made for that event will be processed through the merchant account you specified.

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