Where are my tickets?

Where your tickets are often depends on which delivery method you selected. Event promoters may choose to offer any or all of these options:

Will Call

Will call tickets are not physical tickets. Ticket holders' names will be given to the venue or event promoters before the event. Typically attendees will have to present photo ID to be admitted.


Print-at-Home tickets are delivered to the supplied email address soon after the purchase is complete. Tickets can then be printed on any standard printer.

A link to your Print-at-Home tickets is included in your email confirmation and receipt. Click the link to access your tickets on our website, and then print your tickets on any standard printer. 

Don't have a printer? In many cases, tickets can be scanned from a smart phone, as long as you are able to display the QR code. If you're unsure if this is possible at your event, just ask us!


Mailed tickets will be sent by U.S. Mail. Tickets are generally mailed within 7-10 days of purchase. In some cases the event organizer may choose to hold tickets to be mailed closer to the event. If this happens, you should be notified during checkout and in your receipt.

If your event is coming up and you still haven't received your tickets, please let us know!

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