Can I give my tickets to someone else?

If you or a member of your party is unable to attend an event for which you purchased tickets, it may be possible to transfer them to someone else. 

Transfer policies vary between events; we always recommend getting in touch with us and/or the event's organizers to make sure transfers are permitted before letting a ticket change hands, and to ensure that there are no additional steps required (in the case of conference registrations, etc).

If transfers are acceptable, the procedure varies depending on how you received your tickets.

Will Call Tickets

If you need to change the attendee name on file for a Will Call ticket, send us an email at

Be sure to include the confirmation code for the order in question, the current name on the ticket, and the new first and last name(s) you'd like added to the Will Call list. 

Print at Home Tickets

In general, Print at Home tickets aren't name-specific. The most important part of a PAH transfer is to make sure that there's only one printed copy of the ticket floating around, as each ticket's barcode is unique and can only be scanned once.

Mailed Tickets

Like Print at Home tickets, mailed tickets are not name-specific. Provided a given event permits transfers between attendees, it will suffice to give the hard-copy ticket to the new person.

Want to switch from one delivery method to another? In some cases, we're able to make that change on your behalf – send a request (including your confirmation number) to and we can see what options are available. 

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