Why did I receive an error message during checkout?

Most commonly, error messages appearing during checkout are the result of a mismatch between some piece of card information you entered and what is on file with your financial institution. If our payment processor receives a response code from your card issuer that indicates a mismatch, the transaction attempt may be declined.

Common error messages

  • Billing Address and ZIP/Postal Code Errors: This indicates a mismatch between the billing address entered and what your bank has on file.
  • CVV / Card Security Code Error: This error message is most frequently due to an issue with the card security code entered, but may also indicate a problem with the card number or expiration date.
  • Card Declined: The transaction was declined by your card issuer.

If you receive any of the above messages, or any other error message regarding a problem with your card information, double-check the information you entered and attempt the transaction again. If the transaction still won't go through, we recommend getting in touch with your bank or card issuer to see if they can provide more details about the error. We would also recommend trying a different credit or debit card to see if that works.

Received an Error Message But Seeing a Charge on Your Card?

Declined transaction attempts can sometimes result in preauthorization holds, which appear on your account statement as pending charges.

Unless an order is actually successful and you reach an order confirmation screen, that money won't actually be taken out of your account; the bank sets it aside and keeps it on hold for a set amount of time (usually a couple of days), then releases it back into your account once they're sure the transaction was declined.

System Errors

If you get an error message reporting that the system was unable to contact the payment processor, it's possible that the payment processor is experiencing an outage. Let us know by sending us an email at support@boldtypetickets.com and we can investigate!

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