There's a charge on my bank account, but I didn't receive my tickets!

You ordered tickets and can see the charge on your bank account, but haven't received a confirmation email. What gives?

Check your spam folder

Sometimes receipts are mistakenly filtered as spam by email providers, so if you're not seeing it in your inbox. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder for emails from

Gmail: It's possible that Gmail has sorted the email to the Promotions tab. If you do find your receipt there, you can drag it to your Primary tab and then answer "yes" when the prompt asks you if future messages from this address should be sent there as well.

Typo in your email address?

Send us an email at with your first and last name, the email address you entered at checkout (if possible), and the email address where you'd like your confirmation email re-sent.

Encountered an error message during checkout?

Sometimes declined transactions can result in preauthorization holds, which appear on your bank statement as pending transactions. 

If the transaction didn't go through successfully on our end (i.e. you didn't receive a confirmation email, get confirmation that your order was placed, or encountered an error code during the purchase), the money won't be debited out of your account.

If the charge appears on your bank statement, the bank has set funds aside and will keep them on hold for a set amount of time (usually a couple of days), then release them back into your account once they're sure the applicable transaction was declined.

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